Notice/ Update


Required Following Documents to Apply for Visa

  1. Passport hard copy and photo copy from the page No. 1,2 & 3.
  2. In this passport if there is any refusal seal from any embassies/ or any Countries immigration department deportation seal or refuse to entry in that countries, also there is a refuse seal of entry, bring that refuse seal page photo copy.
  3. National ID card copy or.
  4. Birth Certificate.
  5. All educational certificate photo copies and all mark sheets photo copies.
  6. Bank statements and bank solvency certificates, from your own bank A/C, if not applicable, then can be from A/C. of any of following persons –Father/Mother/Brother/Sister/Uncle/Aunty only.
  7. Financial affidavit, explain clearly this finance in your bank account or your parents banks accounts, from where you/your parents got this money, source of income about this founds.
  8. Police clearance certificate ( police clearance certificate required on visa application time in those foreign embassies, which countries you will travel for permanent residence)
  9. 35mm * 45mm size 04 copies of picture(country wise changes), y
  10. By PR/ permanent Residence / Green card visa or any other visas, if you go any of following countries/areas of (North America any countries) then you need to provide us life insurance certificate, which should authorized by those country foreign embassies in Bangladesh.
  11. If you / your parents have any businesses in Bangladesh should provide those all kinds of business license photo copies and TIN certificate copy, which will be helpful to the get visa urgent without any reason.
  12. Any job experience certificate from any countries or Bangladesh.
  13. Your companies each and every productions picture and all brands name.
  14. If your any request letters through our company name of Protiva Education Services or having our address in the request letter , than please explain each and every thing how you need that P/R permanent Residence /Green card visa and what you required before fly and after reach to that country what will you require.
  15. All kinds of your business license copy, memorandum of articles copy, partnership deed of agreement copy, if it id proprietorship company also this copy, TIN certificate copy, any kinds of Bangladesh business association membership certificate .
  16. If the passport is carrying any foreign countries visa’s then please protiva all those visa’s photo copies.
  17. Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter & wife, Full name, Date of birth, places of birth, marital status.