Services & Facilities

For Partner Universities

We provide different services and facilities such as:

  1. Organizing spot admission, seminar, workshop, on behalf of our foreign partner institutions regularly in capital city and other district towns.
  2. Maintaining liaison with foreign institutes & students.
  3. Distribute upgrade information among the students.
  4. Campaign for best promotion at local market.
  5. Assistance for advertising & marketing.
  6. Market research on behalf of international Universities/ Colleges/ Institute.
    1. An exclusive travel consultancy.
    2. Spouse, Business and Visit Visa Process
    3. Tour package.
    4. Air ticketing (Domestic and International).
    5. Hotel reservation
    6. Travel & insurance.
  7. Free transportation around city


For our Student and Guardians

We provide different services and facilities such as:

  1. Established a hub of potential students who are ready to enroll abroad universities for Pre university, Undergraduate, Graduate and Diploma programs in various discipline.
  2. Efficient student counseling, advice, assistance and recruitment system.
  3. Create a comfort zone and preference to the students and parents for same language, friendly environment, cost effective and professional services.
  4. Access to post enroll follow up communication and parents visa supports.
  5. Demonstrate options of programmes and universities by our highly trained and expert Counselors.
  6. Demonstrate the competitive advantages of Bangladeshi universities vs. universities of other countries.
  7. Drive for Under Graduate, Graduate and Post Graduate programs. We also worked for Diploma, Certificate courses and Pre-University courses and abroad boarding school.
  8. Support students to facilitate getting education loans linking through Banks and financial organizations.
  9. Maintain liaison with foreign institutions and students and their parents.
  10. Free distribution of prospectus and admission form;
  11. Helping to find a cost effective educational solution;
  12. Providing step-by-step solution to students;
  13. Facilitating admission into standard foreign institutions;
  14. Keeping track of the successfully admitted students;v
  15. Facilitating accommodation for students abroad;
  16. Help & Responding to parents (for the students) needs abroad;
  17. Free assistance for Student loan for higher studies abroad, if necessary;
  18. Free visa counselling and assistance for embassy rules and requirements;
  19. Assistance for embassy forms and fees;
  20. Free Regularly arranging spot admission on behalf of our partner institutes;
  21. Free for students to attend higher education expo to grow interest;
  22. Organizing BIEF (Bangladesh International Education Fair), Higher Education Expo every year.
  23. Pre-departure services for students are as follows:
    1. Career counselling,
    2. University/ college admission,
    3. Assisting transferring registration and tuition fee,
    4. Assisting health insurance, medical report;
    5. Pre visa interview, visa application processing and
    6. Air ticketing.
    7. Post-departure services for students are as follows
    8. Airport pick up;
    9. Accommodation; and
    10. University registration.